Noella Nix

When i was emailing her a few months back she was working with a producer from the UK on some new stuff.  Heard a few of her demo's and they were sounding really cool.


She can write a decent melody and has a really cool DIY vibe going on.  She knows the type of artist she wants to be.  Really has her head screwed on right.



Stumbled on Fluir from a friend.  This particular song is really great.  Production could be stronger but it has such a vibe.


I had a listen to her EP that is out in March and its much more down tempo.


She needs to work out her look and help finding her sound.  Very much a development project.


Janeva has put out a few qaulity covers up on Soundcloud she's produced herself.  


Also a dodge clip of her singing live...


She a little rough and needs some development but a really strong base to start from.  I'm currently working with her on her first single.


Super strong on the socials with 9k instgram followers. 

Hari Mint (US)




This guy is based in Brooklyn.  Last email conversation with him he was sharing a computer with his entire family just so he could record a vocal.  Trying to find a job.


There was a live clip of him performing the below track live and he was amazing.  (unfortunately its been taken down).


Super cool vibe, amazing voice.  Out of all the artists on this page i feel really strongly about what he will be able to do with the right producer and team around him.


Ofei (UK)

Ofei has one of the most unique voices i've ever heard, although his vocal & production isn't hitting the right spot yet.


Working out where he fits in musical would be the biggest job.  Putting him with the right producer & songwriter would be the biggest challenge.  He is a really special artist.    Check out his performance on the clip below.